Monday, October 11, 2010


The other day in my astronomy class, I had another encounter with this guy (Awkward moment no.1).
Walked into class late, saw him, walked down four rows in front of him intentionally only to hear a loud whisper from behind yelling, 
"SHELBY!.... SHELBY (i thought i could ignore him but..) SHELBY..SHELBY!"
I think maybe he wanted to talk to me...? haha
I turn around and wave and he waves me up to sit by him. 
I was alone, no excuse not to move without looking like a jerk
and wasn't really feeling coming up with an excuse and trying to whisper it across 5 rows for everyone to hear,
Sooo yes, I was polite and moved up.

Okayyyyy, the rest of the hour was spent crying I was laughing so hard. 
You guys. He IS Travis from Clueless.

Seriously, everything about him!! looks, airheadiness, personality, Everything!!
I still think he is slightly creepy but if he is going to make that much of an effort I thought Hey! I might as well befriend him. 
I mean, that class is pretty boring and he is pretty entertaining so.. Why not?

This clip just ties everything together. Just watch.

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