Monday, October 11, 2010


Little Neezy is not so little anymore.
I went home last weekend to celebrate his Sweet 16!!
In my head I still picture him as a lil guy with cute curls on the back of his head.
But now he is OLD! I feel like my Sweet 16 was yesterday and now it is his.

We started out his Bday with a midnight scavenger hunt that took us all over town.

(My personal favorite clue was:
-Go to McDonalds and order the "McNeil Special"-
only to find that there were the perfect amount of apple pies prepaid for both cars! 
Only Rollie would do that! I loved it)

This hunt led us to his very own pumpkin patch and THIS...

The rest of the weekend was spent watching General Conference
and I even got to spend a few hours working in the little blue hut!

So much fun that I'm seriously contemplating just going home for Fall Break.
Is that lame?

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