Monday, October 11, 2010

My Best Friend's Wedding.

Soooo my best friend is getting married.
Yep. All those talks about how we would wait 'til we Graduated.
Out the window! haha
Although I am super sad that the slumber parties will be cut down substantially
(unless I kidnap her... which, let's be honest, will be often)

I am very very happy for her happiness.

Anywho, a little while ago I had the opportunity to take her engagement photos.
This was in place of my sister, Jenna who really is an amazing photographer but unfortunately couldn't make it.
Jennika is so great. So easy-going. And apparently has a lot of faith in me seeing as how
she asked me to do it.
I kept trying to talk her out of it but with persuasion and help from my lovely friend Madi, I felt okay taking the pictures.
It turned out really well but I think it's just because both Jennika & Sam are extremely photogenic.
Either way we got some really good pictures out of it!

I love love love both of these people and can't wait for their wedding.
DECEMBER 31st! Yay!

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madeline said...

yay! it was so fun to take their pictures. you did great!