Friday, September 24, 2010


It's not everyday that I am graced with TWO very very awkward moments in ONE day so I felt that both deserved proper documenting.
 Tuesday, September 21st
Awkward moment no. 1

Okay, usually I go to my  Astronomy class with my friend Jennika but she had dropped it earlier that day so I walked in a little late (this is a huge class.. like 500 people huge) and took a seat at the top of the class on the end of the row. Being the attentive student that I am, I got onto Blackboard, opened up the slides for that day of class, listened and then got onto facebook just in case I got a little bored.. So I'm doing a little bit of facebook stalking when I get a little 1 in my inbox. I open it and it says
"slacker,,,on facebook in class",

from a name that I've never heard before. Somebody's creepin. Naturally I turn around and look behind me but I only have to look about half way back I see a boy, one seat away, just smirking and looking at me.
 Keep in mind that I have never seen this boy in my life before and I'm positive he has never seen me. 
The surprising thing was that he was actually kind of good looking but still, who does that?! He was clearly stalking my facebook stalking to try and find my name. After that he kept trying to make small talk with me for the rest of the hour and fifteen minute class. He would not quit looking over my should pointing out the other classes on my Blackboard,  talking about how soothing our professors British accent was. I'm pretty positive that he was a stoner and just felt a little like my bubble of personal space had been invaded. Immediately after the class was over his first question was " hey, so where do you live??" Not even a -it's nice to meet you- or even like - where are you from- just straight up "where do you live". I gave him a quaint answer of "Down the hill", said I had to run and that conversation ended with him saying "Same Place, Same Time"?


on to Awkward moment no. 2

Right after Astronomy I have a Math Recitation class. It's where we turn in our Math Assignments, take quizzes, review, etc... We got our quizzes from the week before back at the beginning of class and then the TA was going over the chapters we had just learned. Our TA is from Beijing, China, he can speak English pretty well but still has a super thick accent. In the middle of his review he turns around to talk to the class, stops mid-sentence, looks directly at me with a confused look on his face and asks "What's your name??" 
---I have been going to this class for 3 weeks now, twice a week, and this isn't a big class like Astronomy, there are only about 20 people in it.---
I reply, "Shelby Walker"
TA, "Did you get your Quiz back?"
me, "Yes"
TA, "uhhh, Did you cut your hair?"
me, "Yes"
-Pause-(I thought this was the end of the random conversation but no..)
My friend Dan who is sitting behind me Yells out in a super deep voice, "DO YOU LIKE IT?!"
TA,"ohhhh yes, I like it a lot. It's good, really really good..."
I swear, I could feel my face getting hotter, I'm sure it was bright red..but no, thats not the end
TA, " you are just gorgeous."
Did I just get hit on in the middle of class by my Asian TA in front of everyone? Yes. 
I couldn't really make eye contact with him for the rest of the class in fear that others would think there was something going on between us and that my high scores and extra credit on my quizzes were just because he had a crush on me...

just kidding (high scores... i wish!) , but for reals. Wouldn't you feel awkward if that happened to you, or is it just me??

Now I laugh but in the moment of both of those situations I was feeling 
(a) extremely confused about how someone would think it okay to completely just look over my shoulder for an entire class and
 b) super embarrassed that the whole class had to be stopped to hear my TA compliment me.

Agree or Disagree, it was a very awkward day for me.


Courtney Morrison Kearns said...

hahaha this is great. I must see this new hair cut. keep blogging shelby!

ShaLyse Walker said...

Sooo funny. Best blog post ever.

Kevin Erik White said... of the best posts I've read in a long time

Jennika Rae said...

hahahahhahhahahhaa i seriously cant stop laughing right now!!!!!!