Wednesday, April 16, 2014

it's a...


We had our gender ultrasound this Monday. I seriously couldn't handle the anticipation. I was so anxious and excited. It was comparable to Christmas eve when I was a kid. Both Cam and I were convinced that it was a girl. Cam was so sure that he made the statement "we don't even need to get an ultrasound"...haha welp, I'm really glad we did because we were so wrong. Our baby is most definitely a boy, if you know what I mean.

It was the coolest experience to see how much the baby has grown since our first appointment. We got to see his beating heart and, my favorite part was that he was even sucking his thumb! I know, I know, I'm probably the only one who thinks he is the cutest thing in the world (I'm already one of those moms...) but I have been showing everyone in sight how cute my teeny tiny baby is. haha! Already in love. So now I'm just gonna show him off even more....

Cute right? haha

How Far Along? 19 weeks
Maternity Clothes? I'm getting closer and closer. I swear my stomach has expanded 3x in just the last week.
Sleep? More pillows, better sleep!
Best moment this week? Finding out we're having a little guy!
Weird pregnancy moment? Feeling more like I have a gut than a baby bump at this moment… haha
Movement? I felt the first kick last Tuesday and haven't stopped feeling them since.. it's my favorite thing ever.
Food Cravings? I had a major doughnut craving the other day... but i had those before I was pregnant soooo…
Anything making you queasy? no, and I love it!
Gender? It's a boy
What I'm looking forward to: buying all the baby stuff I can get my hands on!

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Kristin Thompson said...

Ahhhh CONGRATS!!! He's going to be such a cutie!!