Monday, March 24, 2014

Oh baby!

Surprise! I've been really anxious to announce this for a while... like since we got this ultrasound a month ago, haha! I'm sure I've been driving Cam up the wall but I just can't contain my excitement for this babe! I also can't get enough info about it. I don't go a day without googling stuff about babies or looking up exactly what's developing that day or week or staring at the ultrasound of that fig sized baby so peaceful and safe and already so sweet inside my body and how incredible the whole process is! Sorry about that run-on sentence... but I think you get how excited I am. 

Speaking of that ultrasound... here is baby at 12 weeks. Looks like he/she loves to sleep just as much as I do!

I've seen this pregnancy questionnaire on a couple friends blogs throughout their pregnancies and I really like the idea of it so don't mind if I just hop on that bandwagon...

How Far Along? 16 weeks
Maternity Clothes? Not yet but I've been unbuttoning my pants in public places so that might be a good idea…haha!
Sleep? If I'm not waking up to pee I'm waking up out of discomfort. Is it too early for that? haha. I can also take a nap at any time of the day and may or may not have been caught laying my head on my desk here and there to "rest my eyes"... good thing I have a great boss.
Best moment this week? Making the big announcement!!
Weird pregnancy moment? 1. I'm a little more prone to eye watering over really random stuff these days. I have been known to cry for every emotion but now I really cry or almost cry for EVERY emotion. 2. Another weird/embarrassing moment was standing up in class without realizing that my pants were unbuttoned. haha oops! and sorry. I really can't help it at this point. It's gotta happen. 3. Literally feeling like my stomach is stretching and feeling so sore.
Movement? I've read that I could be feeling the baby move by 16 weeks but I can't positively say that I have but I think I have... but I don't know... haha.
Food Cravings? None really quite yet. I'm finally at a happy medium where I don't want to throw up all the time but I don't have any cravings quite yet. It's nice.
Anything making you queasy? It was chicken but I'm slowly warming back up to it.
Gender? I honestly have nooo idea. I don't know if that's a bad or good thing but I'm a pretty bad guesser anyways so I'll just leave it to the Dr.
What I'm looking forward to: Who would have thought I'd ever say I was looking forward to a Dr. appointment? Well I have one tomorrow and I'm pretty excited about it! We don't get to "see" the baby but I'll take a heartbeat :) 


Kristin Thompson said...

You cuties! Congratulations!!!! Babymoon to Hawaii??

Madi Dodd White said...

yay yay!!

Magnolia said...

Congratulations, Shelby! Oh this is so fun! I am also 16 weeks, due in September. Isn't it amazing experiencing pregnancy for the first time? It blows my mind!

Hailey Peterson said...

so cute, love the first photo! That is so exciting!