Friday, January 18, 2013

just for kicks!

So, my good friend Madeline tagged me in this post a while ago and it has taken me a while to get around to it. It's actually pretty exciting, like when you were in Jr. High and your friend sent you a questionnaire that you absolutely had to post on your Myspace. Oh, the memories of being 13 are coming back to me! Don't act like you kind of don't know what I mean all you teeny boppers out there! So even though I'm 21 and in my 4th (and unfortunately, not my last) year in college I'm gonna go ahead and channel that 13 year old right now.

Presenting.... the 

I'm not sure who Liebster is, but I would like to thank everyone and anyone who has brought me to such a high accomplishment in the blogging world today
 (I'm just full of sarcasm tonight folks!)

here are the rules:
a. list 11 things about yourself
b. answer the questions the nominee created for you
c. choose 11 (or so) of your own favorite blogs to nominate
d. create 11 questions for them (or use the previous questions)
e. let them know they've won

11.11.11., it's too bad it's not still 2011

a. about me, myself, and i 

  1. no, I'm not a crazy cat lady ^^^
  2. nothing brings me joy like baking a batch of cookies/cupcakes!
  3. i lied. nothing brings me joy like cuddling, specifically spooning with my husby.
  4. my husband calls me Chobani. Yes, like the greek yogurt brand. Just think Fran Drescher from The Nanny saying "CHOBAAAANI".
  5. i am a graphic design major but sometimes wonder if i should have gone to culinary school!
  6. i can't not see a baby  and not say "cuuuute". i love babies. {no, I'm not pregnant or baby hungry, i just love them}
  7. i love to sing. in public. in the car. in church. in the shower. when Cam plays the guitar! it is my one love. (besides Cam)
  8. i pretended to be an actress for a summer at the Playmill Theatre (which is where i met Madeline!)
  9. i have an unusual obsession with the smell of laundry detergent. 
  10. i count down the days to my birthday. always have, always will (18 days...)
  11. i can sleep through anything! Even 5 alarms. I'm that good.
this is all valuable information right?

b. questions from madeline

1. What is your favorite christmas tradition?
my mother's christmas hors d'oeuvres she makes on christmas evening!

2. What color best fits your personality?
probably black. just kidding! I would have to say pink because as much as i don't like to admit it, I'm about as girly as they come!

3. Do you like mustaches?
if you mustachk. Absolutely

4. What is number one on your Christmas list?
To be with my family!

5. N'Sync or Backstreet Boys?
Backstreet Boys. 

6. What is your favorite physical trait?
Eyes. They tell so much about a person!

7. Hot Chocolate or Apple Cider?
Hot Chocolate. Unless I am at Barnes & Noble. Then it's Caramel Apple Cider.

 8. If you could drop anything and go anywhere, where would it be?
 It's a tie between Italy and Paris. I went in high school and would love to take Cam. Both are so romantic and beautiful and I would love to go and explore on my own time.

9. What is your favorite movie?
 Pride & Prejudice {Keira Knightly version}. it "bewitches" me every time

10. Who is your biggest role model?
This may be cliché but definitely my mom. She is the ultimate example & is the most most generous, loving, caring human there is. I can only hope to be as wonderful a mother as she is someday.

11. What is your favorite picture? Share it!
 I take so many pictures, too many! But here is one that gives me a good laugh. It is from the 4th of July this last summer and I just happened to snap the photo when my nephew was being thrown in the air. Thus, the floating baby.

and I'll just add this one in there too, because it makes my heart melt a little.

c. some cute blogger friends 
                [or just cute bloggers i wish were my friends]
  1. Ali
  2. Joni
  3. ShaLyse
  4. Courtney
  5. Hailey
  6. Madi
congrats on being nominated for this profound award!

d. questions for you
  1. what was your favorite food?
  2. Favorite Holiday?
  3. what makes you happy?
  4. who will be your valentine this year?
  5. n'sync or backstreet boys?
  6. guilty pleasure?
  7. what is your happiest memory?
  8. if you could drop everything and go anywhere, where would you go?
  9. favorite movie?
  10. did you have braces? prove it.
  11. what is your favorite picture? share it!
Welp, you probably didn't have as much fun reading this as I did doing it! Can't wait to read yours soon!


Chobani said...

Your nickname is really Chobani!? That's the coolest thing we've heard in a long time! Is it because you're such a fan? Shoot an email to fans[at]chobani dot com...we'd love to get Chobani some Chobani! :)


McKayJoice said...

LOVE the floating baby. HAhaha!