Saturday, March 2, 2013

birthday post...

...a month late of course.
 I think I've just learned to accept that despite my efforts, my life just isn't very full of exciting things. It basically consists of sleeping, eating, going to school and doing homework.
I mean, unless you really want some thrilling updates about what's going on in my art history classes right now...

Anyways, the point of this post is that every year I get unusually excited about my birthday (since birth you guys, I came out of my mom's belly 2 weeks early because I was that excited about my birthday)

Last year, on my twenty-first birthday I was in a tiny bus driving from Quito, Ecuador, through some crazy, windy, bumpy roads to Pasto, Columbia. And let's just say, while we had some fun pit stops at some great markets and the equator mark, a 10 hour road trip on your birthday (no matter where you're at), with 5 carsick people, is not the ideal way to spend a birthday. 

 This year was just a little different, because, well
1. I am married, and Cam and I have never spent my birthday and
 2. I turned 22 and that's just not an exciting age to be turning unless you're listening to Taylor Swift's 22. 

but being married has its perks. It's just one more family to party with. 
So really, I ended up having 3 parties
One with my family, one with my cute husband, and one with Cam's family.

I really can't express why I love birthdays so much
but let me blow out some candles & give me a little something to unwrap, oh, and tell me happy birthday, and I'm a happy girl! (and don't put me in a bus for 10+ hours)

here are a few too many pictures of the weeklong birthday festivities!

got to spend some time with these cuties...

 {p.s. finn's face in the background ^^^ kills me}
 my favorite kittens!

My mom made my favorite lemon cake that I only get once a year which makes it extra special.
Cam gave me these adorable Ray Bans that I have had my eyes on literally since we got married!
Also, I can't go a year without Jackie's empanadas. Every year since we got back from Chile. It's just not a birthday without empanadas!

I woke up to a house full of balloons and bubbles!!
& breakfast in bed!

I ate lunch and dinner with friends!

And then the third party went down...
Cam's brother & sister-in-law from Louisiana were in town and all of our birthdays are pretty close so Cam's mom just threw a big party!
 {just imagine me blowing out my candle on the bottom}

It was a great week of birthday fun and in the momentus words of Taylor Swift, 
"I don't know about you about but I'm feelin' 22".

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Ashley Bagley Nielson said...

you're stinkin' adorable.