Saturday, January 12, 2013

Home Improvements

We had a long, lazy, wonderful break in Idaho with my family so we didn't want to come back to Logan for school until we absolutely had to. When we got into town last Sunday we also had the depressing task of taking down our Christmas Decorations which always makes life feel so Blah! I think that the combination of taking down Christmas, starting school AND -9 degree temperatures kind of made us go into a crazed home improvement kick. We really did go crazy.

project no.1
The first thing we started on was something a saw on Pinterest that I've really been wanting to do for a while. These are the steps we went through.

(our boards were 16x16 inches)

Although Cam's real home state is Louisiana, he felt like Utah is more of his home so he chose that instead.

Cam felt like Utah was a pretty dull shape so he nailed in the Great Salt Lake.
and then he decided he didn't like the blue in the lake, so he took it out. haha. I think he redid his like 5 times.

This project was pretty simple, fun and quick!

project no. 2
The tree branch.

First, let me tell you that our house is about 105 years old...literally. So the walls are made of plaster and extremely difficult to hang anything from, so I'm grateful Cam is an extreme analyzer and handy-man. I would have never been able to do this on my own. In fact, I really didn't do anything except hold the tree up while he was tying the fishing line. And I didn't even last long at that. 

We used a stud-finder to make sure the hooks in the ceiling and hung the tree with fishing line. Conveniently, we have a little nook to hide the end of the branch so it really does look like it is just growing in our living room!

project no. 3

I hate painting. It's one of those things that you get excited about because it seems easy and then 10 hours later you want to die. Haha! Do you see that ugly blue chest under the TV? That was once a painting endeavor and mid-way through, I just stopped because I hated the color so much. So we decided to give it one more try. We also got a dresser for our bedroom from an estate sale and it was pretty but just didn't fit our house. Due to the negative temps, we did all of this in our living room yesterday. I think we went through 5 movies and half of New Girl Season two before we were done.
But hallelujah. It's over!

we love the white! Maybe someday we'll add color in the designs on the front/legs...
and PLEEEASE ignore our poor, dead, houseplant. We just can't seem to let go of him.

Cam was in charge of the giant dresser...

Let me tell you, we are bad paint pickers, and we loved how this dresser looked in our naturally lit living room and on the paint-swatch but in the light of our bedroom, it realllly looks high-lighter yellow so we'll probably add a less intense coat of paint on top someday in the future. 
But for now, it'll do!

I think we'll lay off on the projects for a little bit.


Skyler Martinez said...

Wow! Both those projects turned out looking AMAZING! Great job you two!

the organic kitchen said...

Beautiful Shelby! I love your taste!

Lauren VanDerwerken said...

These look great! PS I randomly came across your engagement and wedding videos, and you guys are literally the cutest!

Will said...

Beautiful! I'm currently having a lot of home improvement work carried out. Just have the electrical installer left to visit!

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