Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Temple Square

Last weekend Cam and I took at trip to Salt Lake to see the lights (...okay, mainly to shop)! We were feeling especially lazy so we decided to drive to Temple Square from the Gateway and somehow we happened to get stuck in about 30 minutes of traffic!  I guess it doesn't help that we went on a Saturday night when the whole city decided to go too. We definitely should've taken Trax... Anyway,  we almost turned around but I am so very happy that we didn't! It was the perfect night to go! I didn't even have to wear a coat! That is unheard of in Utah in the month of December. It was beautiful as always and not freezing made it even better.

When we got there, of course I wanted to take pictures so I did what I always do and pulled out my phone.... This is practically routine every time we go places together. 
I pull my phone out, take a picture. Hate it. Tell Cam to smile for another. Mmmm let's try that one more time, and then, by about the 3rd or 4th try, I have lost Cam completely! 
I think we got about 5 people to ask us if we wanted them to take a picture for us in our self-photography endeavor and after a few offers we finally took someone up on it....

yayyy! we got one!
I can't say the same about getting a good picture of the temple though...
I really need to work on my picture taking.

We sat at this spot {in the picture} for quite a while people watching.
Temple Square is a completely different experience when you are married and don't feel the need to keep a constant conversation going about likes/interests/flirting {Don't worry, that was us last year}! But I've decided that it's probably the most entertaining thing to watch. We saw a lot of different "keep-the-conversation-going techniques". Such as the We don't have anything else to talk about so I'll yell at my guy friends or a random stranger really loud and hi-five them and the Sooooo what color is your toothbrush kind of questions, we even saw a couple sitting near us whose hands were about a millimeter apart.. we could feel the tension. We loved every second of it and I loved being there with the husband!

Here are photos of last year on our temple square date when he was just the boyfriend
and he was a little more willing to smile in photos!!
It was such a fun and needed weekend in Salt Lake! 

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