Monday, December 3, 2012

let the festivities begin!


not really

 beginning to

 look a lot like

 Christmas outside... 

so Cam and I are trying all

 we can to make it Christmassy

 inside! Our teeny tiny apartment

 only has about 3 rooms {living room, 

kitchen, and bedroom...well, and a bathroom 

of course} so there is limited space to decorate

 but we have tried our best to fill every ledge, table,

 empty space, etc! With weekly Michaels discounts,  DIY 

projects, TJmaxx and Hobby lobby splurges, we have somewhat 

successfully decorated for our very first Christmas in our very own apartment.

—and yes, I am making this look like a christmas tree on purpose—haha!!

We are definitely
amateurs, but I
think we did 
alright! I'll let
you be the judge!

And since we'll really only be here for two weeks of 
December we decided not to get a Christmas tree 
this year... (excuse me while I dry a few tears)
 On the bright side though, Cam bought me this little 
tree that I've had my eye on for a while and that will most certainly do!
Since we put these up I can definitely say our days have been extra "Merry & Bright"!
I hope yours are too this special month!!

P.S. Sorry about my grainy iPhone photos! 

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