Tuesday, November 8, 2011

gratitude update: week one

day 2: smile
I am grateful for: sisters
my sister Jenna drove all the way to Logan to have lunch with me (how great!) and
while our lunch was settling we practiced our iPhone self-photography. lots of smiling.

day 3: happiness
I am grateful for: mail that arrives on time!
two things that make me happy, Cam and birthdays.
Cam FINALLY received his "Flynt Flossy T-shirt" in the mail. YAY!
As fun as it is to get gifts, it's much more worth it to give them.

day 5: leaves
I am grateful for: the very short and beautiful Utah Autumn.
This photo is old but unfortunately it snowed on all the leaves today. So I thought I'd turn back time a little bit.

day 5: morning sky
I am grateful for: Logan, UT
the view right outside my classroom. 
day 6: books
I am grateful for: simply, books. 
I love nothing more than a good read.

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