Tuesday, November 8, 2011

a cheap weekend.

And when I say cheap I mean it.

Today is the lovely Alex's birthday (far right&bottom)
 so we held up our freshman year birthday tradition of good old Taco Bell with the 4 of us.
Many great things have happened at taco bell, 
a few include:
Alex's first taste of taco bell on my 19th birthday
summer farewells
and many midnight cravings.
Taco Bell has seen us through thick and thin.

On this same day, seeing as how I had already been extremely nutritious I decided to put the cherry on top of a junk food palooza.
So Alyssa & I grabbed some blueberry Eggo waffles, microwave bacon and strawberries (we had to give our bodies Something nutritious) and cooked up a delicious breakfast for dinner....

Crafternoon was held at the Shewolf house on Sunday.
We made these cute thankful turkeys.
I'm not telling which one is mine, because it is definitely the ugliest
It's the thought that counts, right?

All in all,
'twas a cheap but extremely enjoyable weekend. 
Doesn't take too much to make me happy!


Alex said...

Shelby I love this post and you!! Such a great lunch :)

busy bee lauren said...

You girls are all so beautiful! And hello...I just had a mad craving for Taco Bell. I need it, stat.