Wednesday, November 2, 2011

it only seems appropriate...

... that this is the month of Thanksgiving and I just happened to stumble on this via Pinterest
Sometimes I think Pinterest is a little silly because it's just all our hopes
 and dreams that we wish we'd do but probably wont...
But I saw this and for once I thought, 
This is simple, doable, and a fun way to recognize and point out 
at least one thing every day of this month that I am grateful for.

Here we go,

favorite food–

One of my favorite foods is just a good old baked potato.
I am grateful I was born into a potato farmin' Idaho family.
Another one of my favorite food is Fast Food. Any kind.
So this is just killing two birds with one stone :)

Oh, and today I had a crazy urge to make some sugar cookies.
No occasion.
I got this recipe from my cute cousin Ali.
and it has never failed me–I'm serious–you can eat these w/out frosting,
They're that good!
{Don't worry that I just caught on that Instagram has a livefeed,
kind of like twitter
So if I annoy you with all my instagram pictures, that's why}

And one last thing,
My spunky, cute, friend Alyssa
deleted her facebook
so I forced her to make a blog today so that we can do 30 days of gratitude together.
Check her out!!

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