Friday, May 27, 2011

a spiel about playmill

Not that I am taking a break from my extremely busy schedule right now or anything
but it is still a long weekend and a reason to get out of town!

I'm heading up to Island park for a weekend with my family & some friends
and so so excited to go back to my home of all last summer, 
West Yelli!
The Playmill Theatre opens this weekend with High School Musical and I can't wait to see it! 
{If you've never been to the playmill––GO! you won't regret it}

It'll be a little bittersweet sitting in the audience after a whole summer of working there.
I might have to restrain myself from flirting with 80 year-old men and little boys during the sing-a-long. 
It'll be strange to just sit back and enjoy the show without having to sell concessions or do a set change.
...alright, maybe it'll be really bittersweet.
But when you sleep, live, eat, sweat, and breath Playmill it becomes a part of you forever.
 A summer there is a mini year. 
I mean, you celebrate the 4th of July, Halloween/Prom, Wildlife, and even Christmas there!

Maybe that's why I feel like it's Christmas Eve.

Enough of my ranting on about Playmill. 
I know I know, I'm a little obsessed...
over & out!

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janie christensen said...

I love your blog Shelby Doo!!