Monday, May 23, 2011

you guys.

{that's usually how I start a really important announcement}
I cannot contain my excitement.
Because I am going to Tennessee in 10 days.
Not to Nashville or Memphis but to Gatlinburg.

What's so great about Gatlinburg?

Oh just a few things...

Like the zip-line that my friends happen to be working at this summer

Or the fireflies which only come to Gatlinburg and Southeast Asia that just happen to be there right when we arrive.
Seriously, it is going to be un.real.

And of course my friends who I can't wait to see!!!
Especially this lady who is never not fun!

Tickets are booked. I'm ready to go.

Plus, I've never been to the south unless you count a layover in Florida...

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Kylee Jan said...

shelb youre the cutest. i miss you!