Wednesday, August 31, 2011

and it's back. and so am i.

No, my middle name isn't MIA, 
it's Mae!
Yes, I have been missing all summer long.
Sorry, but not really that sorry...

School is back.
I thought I might be good at blogging for a sec and then I started having wayyyyy too much fun.
haha no but really, this summer has been close to the top in best summers to ever have happened in my life. 

AND since I don't really feel like recapping (is that a word?) it all 
and you probably don't feel like reading all that nonsense
 I'm just going to tell it in a rhyme with pictures that I took on my phone over the summer.

––inspired by the Pioneer Woman's Instagram in rhymes––

Started the summer in good ol' West Yelli

along with a bittersweet goodbye my lovely friend Shelly

 I soaked in the sun probably too much!

And played a lot with this extra cute pup.

Dressed up like white trash for my 1st Demo Derby

Then went to hangout with the fishermen of da sea. 
(just pretend that rhymes with derby!)

 I left Logan to swim in the Ocean

Little girls, bikinis & sand are Oh so fun!

Planking's the dumbest trend I've ever seen.

The Tower of Terror made us scream.

Candy Canes when it's not even Christmas

With our Caption EO glasses, you couldn't miss us!

In my unicorn shirt I shaved yummy snocones

Indians are cool, I wish I could be one!

Roadtripped back to West Yelli and ate otter pops

Dessert food at weddings, nothing tops!

Did you know they paint horses in Ogden?

3 of the cutest girls, I really miss them!

My bookmark is cool, try not to be jealous.

Lime&Coconut with cream is sooooo delicious!

Sometimes at work I am bored out of my mind

Best Friends Forever, she's one of a kind!

This blogpost has helped my rediscover that I'm really really bad at poetry & rhyming.
2 very good reasons to never be a rapper.

so long sweet summer, hello fall semester!


Kylee Jan said...

yay! i missed reading your blog!

Alyssa Benson said...

Yeah, none of those rhymed, ShelbyMae.

ShaLyse Walker said...

cute!!!! That was really good, actually! You've inspired me. I want to do my own poem. I need to be a better blogger!

ashley in wonderland said...

i've never been more jealous of a shirt in my life!