Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

Last night I decided to stay up and watch the Royal Wedding.
Me and my friend Shelly stayed up til about 3 watching pre-wedding hype and then we hit a wall and she decided to sleep and just watch it TiVo this morning.

 I wanted to watch it all Live!
 So I  took a little nap until the ceremony. 
And I am SO glad that I was awake to watch it.
Everything about it was so Royal and regal.
Although I don't think Prince William is the best looking man on this planet, I think that they looked so cute and happy together!
––sorry...I'm being such a girl right now but I seriously loved every second of it.––

Even though it was streaming live at 4am in the states 
{quite late or early depending on whether you stayed up or woke up for it!}
I still felt the excitement over my sleepiness.
How many times do you get to watch a royal wedding??
I thought everything about the ceremony was so traditional and interesting
and I am in love with her dress and that veil. She looked perfect.

I'd be glad to just have her Reception dress as my wedding dress!!
Look at that waist!

The funny thing about it is that all the girls in my family stayed up for it. 
ShaLyse watched it in bed.
Jenna watched it alone at home and clapped her hands in excitement when Kate got in the car.
Mom stayed up til 8:30am (true devotion!) and cried.
& I just enjoyed the entire magical splendor of it all!

And I may or may not have watched it 2 or 3 times since last night...
Just too good.

It's so exciting to watch such a historical event in hopes that someday I can tell my children that I stayed up and soaked everything about it in!

Now, I think I'll just spend the rest of my day speaking in an English accent!
The end.

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ShaLyse Walker said...

Best sleepless night I ever spent!