Thursday, April 28, 2011


It's already finals week?!
This has been the shortest slash longest semester of my life!
not to mention the shortest YEAR!
At this same time last year I was preppin to leave Logan for good old West Yelli!
Not this year though, just stickin around in Logan/Salt Lake :)
(just got my Utah Drivers License today... does that entitle me to be a worse driver? 
I hear that about Utah drivers all the time–
 but THIS lady is from Idaho, and THIS lady has been driving since the ripe age of 14 and a half! Setting the standard.....)

One thing I love about finals week is spending all my time at the library.
No really, I do!
I love to take naps here,
I love to blog here,
I love to play games here,
I love to socialize here,
 & when I finally get around to studying I love it because I can actually get something done!
I love it.

It is a little ironic though that the silent section of the library instantly invigorates me with energy... 
k maybe that's not always true, 

but right now it is.
It could also be the fact that I have a whole week to study for a final
 and tonight I'm just feeling like a break!

Something I always find peculiar about these last two weeks is that everything that may have been 
kinda fun in the middle of the semester seem to be extra fun now.
For example, kayaking down Logan river.
A week ago, I would have made up many excuses not to get in some freezing water to go down some sketchy baby rapids.
But today my friend Chad called me up and after a little bit of coaxing (and forcing) he convinced me to go with him. 
I won't lie, I was a little afraid to go but once he assured me we'd be wearing lifejackets I was all in.
so sure enough, I went...

This photo was taken right before we went for a 45 min. ride down some not-so-baby rapids 
(he talked them down, a lot, but don't worry I made it!)
And it was so much fun. I couldn't be gladder (is that a word?) that I was forced to be so adventurous.

And guess what, 
notice that we're not wearing lifejackets in this picture...

Yeaaah, we forgot to!!
At least we're alive!

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