Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Once upon a time, 
a girl named Shelby was planning on moving to the big Salt Lake City.
She dreamed of working at JCrew and hanging out with her sisters everyday.
The day of moving approached and her mom came down to help her pack. 
They took everything out of her room and packed it into a trailer and as Shelby stared at her bare room she felt nostalgic and sad to be leaving her house, her friends and surprisingly Logan.
Shelby and her Mom sat down for a little break after moving to ease their hard working muscles when they began to communicate....
And then she decided that she didn't want to move after all so they moved all her stuff back into her room and it was as if nothing had changed!
I'm stayin.
(Remind me to not talk about myself in 3rd person ever again)
After thinking about it, I realized that Logan is where I want to be in the summer. Although I had to move out and then in again and the in again into the room next to me, it was all worth it.

I'll be sad not to be with my sisters but hey! It's summer and I can go down whenever I want.

Now to the really sad part.
Remember how all of my roommates graduated or moved out?
It's been a week and I am missing them like crazy.
It could be the fact that I don't have a job 
(hunting for one... I secretly just wanna work at the snowshack) 
and that the only other person here is Ashley, my bathroommate who I love but works too. 
But I think I just lucked out with great roommates.

Now... time to reflect on my 2nd year of college and my 1st year as a Shewolf.
(Yes, that's our houses name...)

Started out with Taco Bell. 
John Mayer with Nans! what a way to start the new semester!

 TJ, or should I say Aladdin? Crowned Mr. USU (this seems like forever ago!)
 the Shewolves carve pumpkins.
 Gnomes, Hunters and Nerds. 
 Love the randomness of this!
 Joining together to watch Britt in her YA show!!
 Gymtastic! Remember when I learned how to do a roundoff back handspring?!
 Ugly Sweaters

Jenn's bridal shower
I went to Disneyland with Playmill and it rained the ENTIRE TIME!

Road trippin to Jenn&Sam's wedding!

 Home friends :)
 Nans and Britt welcomed me back to Spring semester with a trip to Logan.
 Date night at Charlie's. And when I say date night. I mean with Jenn and Mads
 Timberwolves vs. Jazz Game!
 Nothin like USU basketball games!
That one disaster of a Rainbow cake... If you can't tell, that smile on my face is 150% fake. Just hiding my frustration.
 Jess, Loving that the failure of our cake has now turned into a prank.
 matchy matchy? This happened more than once.
 Altogether on a weeknight. RARE!
 I've been in this world for 2 decades
 Saying Goodbye to my teen years with a funeral
 The family even came up to celebrate.
 Court {and Mads}, leave on their missions! 
 I went on Spring Break with my sister. Couldn't have done anything better!
 My very own Kinder Kare package from Madeline in France!

 Drives with Shelly to get DP and a chocochip cookie!
 Happy Bday Meg!
 Sugar Ray and Bowling with some of my best friends!
'membs when Sean Kingston Randomly came to Utah State? Funniest thing ever.
 Best Picture I could get... hahaha

 Goodbye dinner :(
 Goodbye lunch with my favorite boys and of course my favorite girl too!
 Can't leave without ONE more bball pic!
 And now it's just us 3 teenyboppers left here in this house...

I'll miss these crazies.

AND of course, it ended with Taco Bell too.

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