Friday, April 22, 2011

Oh happy day.

It is easy to be heavy: hard to be light

A while back I made a goal to write in a little tiny notebook about little things in my day that made me happy that I wouldn't have noticed otherwise.

 For about 2 weeks, I paid very very close attention and then it kind of fizzled out as my life got a little bit busier and I already had enough happiness in my day without trying to find it soooo I kind of forgot about the happiness journal. 

Well. It's back!

Although I haven't been very consistent with it, I have noticed that when I do make the effort to write in it is worth it. 

Dwelling on the sad only makes me dive deeper into things I wouldn't normally think about. And the deeper I get, the more and more the happiness starts to fade away. 
But this little notebook is magical. 
One hour with it and I have a million happy things brought to the surface and back into my life again.

I love opening it at the end of the day and reading all the of passing moments which brought even just a teeny tiny spark of joy.

It turns the Half Empty glass, Into one that is Half Full.
I am just FULL of analogies tonight!!

or this

into this...
I am a happy person. I am. 
good family. good health. good friends.
But I am Human.

So this is my temporary solution as of now.
And I am hoping that I will get to that point where I will forget about the happiness journal once again
....because you know what that means.

Oh. And. A few things that also might be helping just a little bit:
I started this book a while ago and I love it. 
It's about a happy girl, trying to be happy.

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