Saturday, April 23, 2011

happy earth day

this post is all organic.
hence the title of it being all lower-case and no period. just raw.

hello, it's earth day!

i don't think an earth day has ever been quite so pleasant in my life.
i woke up to sunshine and warm in logan.
miraculous! yesterday it hailed three inches!
looks like mother nature wanted to be nice to logan on this day.

i even ran today.
––okay, i ran to the old main steps, made it to the top and then turned around and walked back.
but i couldn't believe how beautiful and green the rain (and hail) had made everything look.

my car is getting repaired right now from hitting a coyote (long story.. sorry mother nature)
so i carpooled home with a few friends (very eco-friendly!)
on our way, we stopped at a factory. the pepperidge farm factory.
and we made sure that none of those rejected goodies went to waste!

lala, one of my best friends in the world was in town for a couple of hours so i stopped by jess's and got to spend some quality time with her and also with a few furry friends. zoe and sammie.

ever since i saw disneynature's Oceans last earth day i have been looking forward to African Cats.
so i called up my dearest cousin ali and we set off to a late 9:45 showing of it.
I was not dissappointed.
my parents sat next to us. (yeah, we met them there.... haha)
and the whole show was super entertaining mixed in with my dad's cheesy reactions + me and ali's extremely inquisitive question about cats.
we were way too into it.
my favorite part had to be the end when it told where "the cats" were today
and it stated that the cheetah Sita is one of the most successful cheetah mothers to roam the african land.
how do they know that stuff?
haha oh disney.

i'll admit that we did a not-so-earth-friendly thing after the movie.
we went to taco bell.
had to.
and then we had some good cousin talk.
if you don't know ali, you need to know that she is a pretty witty lady.
she makes me laugh.
she gave me bunches of fun finals week ideas for study breaks and i can't wait to do them.
you will just have to wait until finals week to find out what they are.
i cant wait though.

all in all,
earth day was full of organic (for the most part), natural, kitty-catty fun.
i can't wait for chimpanzee (please watch the trailer)


ShaLyse Walker said...

Fun! Haha what were dad's cheesy reactions?

Ali Walker said...

Cita is now living a happy cheetah life and is still one of the best mothers this reserve has ever seen.