Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sneaky Spring Break

Spring Break this year sort of crept up on me.
It didn't really help that Utah State scheduled it in the middle of winter
but hey!
 maybe they did that to throw a little spontaneity in our lives.
(Actually pretty considerate of them considering Logan's random weather patterns)!

I swear all my friends that I could have possibly attended Spring Break with were either 
 on a mission.
(couldn't she have waited a week or something?)
 or going on a cruise.

no joke. 
all. of. them. 

So I thought to myself, 
Shelby, do you want to go on a cruise? no. not really
Shelby, do you want to go to Seattle with 5 boys? mmm..nope.
Shelby, do you have friends? Yes. Trick Question (just had to remind myself that I'm not that big of a loser)...

––back to the point––

Shelby, who could you go with besides Jennika that you would truly enjoy doing anything with?
Ding Ding Ding! my sisties! 
(well, one of them, ShaLyse had to work and hang out with her boyfriend or something like that)
So I very promptly called Jenna and my Spring Break was arranged.

Our original plan was to go to the Redwoods because we've been talking about it for literally years.
But... once again, we changed plans last minute because our time was limited.

Instead, we took a little road trip to LA.
Long Intro. Short Story.
We had fun.
I could not have chosen a better person to go with!
So glad she came too (Otherwise, I'm not sure what I would have done... for reals)

 (first time to the Santa Monica peer... kinda cool, kinda ghetto, super fun!)
 We ♥ the Ivy
and apparently so does Eva from ANTM (we accidentally covered her face with our heads)
 'twas my lucky day and Sprinkles had Lemon Coconut in their selection. my faves.
And even though our plans of going to the beach were crushed by Tsunami warnings
we still soaked in a little sun and enjoyed the time away from
Utah's frosty temps.

Plus we learned a lot from our favorite App "How Stuff Works"
If you don't have it, get it. 
So entertaining and informative.
Also, it will keep your brain from turning into mush while taking a break from school!

Oh and random tidbit that I almost forgot, 
we stopped at this place in the Middle of Las Vegas to LA because both of us were dying, we had to pee reeeeal bad and that desert has a dryspell for gas stations or bathrooms, and it was something straight out of a movie. No one there had any teeth. It was a "farmers market" created out of an abandoned gas station. The bathroom had 2 toilets but no stalls. Weirdest and Creepiest place I've ever been to!!

SB'11 yay!