Sunday, March 13, 2011

well overdue

Alright people.
For how much I love my birthday, you'd think I'd be all up on posting the photos and deets about it
apparently it has taken me about 1 month, 19 days to do so.
Not to say that it hasn't crossed my mind a time or two, or three, or 19 times. 

Better late than never though!

Needless to say it was a fabulous 20th birthday
slash funeral for my beloved teenage years!

Only because I was surrounded by so many of my good friends.

And my family,
knowing up close and personal how much I have, and will always love my bday
 --and how I hate to spend it without them--
 trekked to Logan just for lunch and a lil bit of Kinect fun!

A few birthday highlights included
 Coming home to a room 
stocked with only the finest junk food
(all my favorites!)
by my bathroommate and longtime friend Jess.
My door is glowing because of all the magically delicious surprises that lie on the other side of it!
also packed with things to keep me young like this HanMontan T 
which I happen to be wearing right now!
Cuz I'm a Secret Pop Star!!

She also made me french toast for brunch on my birthday.
I'm the luckiest.
I'll just owe the gift of those 10 lbs. I got on my birthday to her

finding this on my facebook at the end of the day.
who doesn't like 41 notifications on facebook all wishing you a happy birthday!
these were a few of my favorites:

--from Elder Hartley, my first crush, and favorite missionary--
--a funny note from my favorite little people--
--my one and probably only birthday wish directly from Paris France--
--competition on Facebook, it's the best!--

I loved all of my birthday wishes, these are just a few that made me laugh!

besides facebook
most of my birthday highlights were food.
big surprise!
I really did love that my mom gave me a
Babes cake AND her homemade lemon cake -drooling!

Happy Birthday to ME!


Madeline said...

dearest chobs,

you are so darling! i am so glad i made an appearance. you are just beautiful!

Jenna Walker said...

I love the note from the little kiddies. All i want for my next birthday is a note just like it. So funny.