Tuesday, April 12, 2011

a few odd tidbits

So, I know that I'm a little quirky sometimes but maybe you don't.
5 things that I know are absolutely ridiculous but I continue to do them anyhow.

1. I hold my breath every time I flush the toilet. 
 I think I owe this to something I read a reeeally long time ago saying that you shouldn't keep your tooth brush close to the toilet because water and other bits and particles in that thing can splash onto it. YUCK! 
I don't really believe that my toilet is that powerful but apparently I don't want any of that "stuff" getting into my nose or mouth because I'm obviously paranoid.

2. I sing the song "Ghetto Superstar" when I'm scared.
I have absolutely no idea how or when this song got perma-stuck in my head but for some odd reason it is comforting for me to sing it when I'm sprinting up the stairs from the basement or alone in my house hearing creepy sounds....

3. When I can't sleep, I get mad.
This may stem back to ShaLyse bursting through my door when I was in elementary school and turning on all the lights and feeling the need to wake me up as she got into my bed. I dunno. Just Sayin ShaLyse. Even though I am no light sleeper, if I am disrupted in the process of going to sleep I will snap like one of those ladies from that show Snapped. My inner beast comes out. zero control.

4. I get sick on almost every vacation.
Why am I punished with this curse? I don't know. But I have many memories of vacations and sicknesses. 2 words, Gula Gula (for ShaLyse and Jenna).  Too much fun I guess.

5. I love chips too much.
How, you ask, is this a quirky trait?
 I know you're thinking Shelby, chips are delicious and everyone knows that's not weird but I tend to compare strange things to the smell, taste, and size of a bag of chips. 
Quick story: Once, I got to lean half of my body out of an airplane and dump a bag of ashes out along the side of a mountain (awesome- not being sarcastic at all) and naturally, my siblings were interested so they were asking me questions about it when the question "How big is the bag of ashes?" came up. A good question, in a morbid way it is kind of one of the mysteries of life to know how much a human body is in ashes... anyhow, after a minute of deliberation I replied "About the size of a family size bag of chips". I still haven't lived that down. Probably never will but I still stand behind that comparison!!

So there you go. 5 of my most admirable qualities and habits!
Please let me know if I left anything out.


trent said...

bahaha. GHETTO SUPERSTAR?!?!?! this is perfect! haha

Jennika Rae said...

these are the reasons your my best friend!!

Kylee Jan said...

holding your breath when you flush. yeah me tooo.. its nasty assty what you could inhale. haha glad im not the only one.