Sunday, August 10, 2014

one month left!

This upcoming Tuesday marks exactly one month until my due date!

I feel like these last 8 months have come and gone so quickly. I remember checking my pregnancy app daily in the first trimester and it was like everyday was huge stepping stone and thinking that this pregnancy would last forever but then all of a sudden you have a full-grown baby in your belly that could come out right this minute and be healthy! Pregnancy is definitely a whirlwind in terms of sense of time, emotions, preparations, changes and I strongly feel like it's 9 months for a reason, haha! Cam and I are both so excited to meet this baby boy and have been having so much fun getting ready for him. We have our last ultrasound tomorrow so we'll get to see his little face once more before he comes out to meet us!

Now, time for a little bump date.

How Far Along? 36 weeks
Maternity Clothes? I'm down to about four outfits that I cycle through! haha, I'll be honest. I can't wait to not wear maternity clothes. Dresses have been my best friend this summer.
Sleep? It's a gamble. One night will be amazing and another I'll be pulling an all-nighter. I guess it's all part of getting ready for the baby, right?
Best moment this week? Making nursery/"baby corner" preparations! It's all getting so real.
Weird pregnancy moment? All the comments about my belly from strangers! So many people trying to guess what I'm having and commenting on how I look like I could have the baby any day. That's when you know you're getting close. haha!
Movement? All day, everyday....and night. I don't mind it unless he's stretching his legs out and then it can get real uncomfortable.
Food Cravings? My sweet tooth has been much more apparent these days! I can almost always count on needing a sweet treat after lunch/dinner.
Anything making you queasy? These crazy round ligament pains! They don't make me literally queasy, but I could definitely do without them.
What I'm looking forward to: Seeing his face tomorrow at our ultrasound!

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Courtney Kearns said...

It's about time you blogged about this! We (my mom and I) can't wait to see how darling you're baby is going to be.