Thursday, September 19, 2013

louisiana // part three

^Jackson Square

It definitely smelled a lot worse than New Orleans square in Disneyland but it had its perks. 

We took refuge from the heat and, well.. I can't say that the humidity, under the canopy at Cafe Du Monde. We ate some delicious beignets and then just explored.

I saw lots of pretty doors and iron balconies. It's crazy how historic everything is down there. I took a million pictures but my iPhone photography wasn't that great so I'll spare you from looking at those.

We wandered down bourbon street and found a jazz club that we went to both nights we were there because the music was so good.. and it didn't hurt that they also offered virgin lava flows, mmmm. I preferred that over a $12 16oz diet coke which was our only option at a couple of places. No DP? what the? I guess that's what you get for being a teeny-bopper in the real world.

I thought I'd include this last photo of us riding the trolley home on our last night. It clearly expresses how we felt about the week. Tired, sweaty, and happy.

 I loved Louisiana but it definitely made me extra grateful for the lack of humidity in Utah. Hopefully we make it back in the future. Maybe we'll make it an annual tradition, probably during the cooler months though. This body can't handle that heat!

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