Wednesday, June 26, 2013

our first year

ONE YEAR! I know, it's crazy!
How has a year already come & gone right before our eyes?
I feel like it was just yesterday that I put on a white dress and married the best boyfriend ever {he still is, btw}.
To celebrate our first anniversary, Cam and I took a little road trip to Las Vegas making a few stops along the way. We didn't really have a concrete plan besides the nights that we booked in Vegas so we pretty much just did whatever our hearts desired for a week! It was so great—no work, just fun.  We love this summer in Logan but once in a while you've just gotta get out. 

First of all, we kicked off our trip by digging into our frozen cake.. which we only took one bite of. haha

Our trip started by heading up to a place that is near & dear to my heart: West Yellowstone. We stopped at Mesa falls on the way and then saw Beauty and the Beast at the Playmill Theatre. This show was extra fun to watch for me because the last time the playmill put it on, I was just lucky enough to be in it :)

Then we started in the direction of Vegas but we couldn't resist a little stop at Lagoon. Neither one of us had been in a really really long time so we had been wanting to do this for a while now. Going on all the rides made me realize that my body just can't handle those crazy rides the way that it used to! At least now I know which rides to avoid.

Our next stop was St. George. We won a free rental at The Beach at Sand Hollow so we had a little night of boating, surfing and swimming with friends which was the perfect way to escape the suffocating desert heat!

{we also stopped at the narrows on our way back from Vegas, which took a little bit of a pep-talk to get through. ha!}

And then, we finally made it to Vegas where we relaxed, shopped, and ate, a lot. We also visited the Vegas sign which surprisingly neither on of us had done before.

 It was so much fun to take a trip with just the both of us. It made me especially reminiscent of our honeymoon {watch here}. I am so happy and thankful every day that I married a boy who I love more and more everyday. I thought I loved him as much as I could possibly on the day I married him but I love him 365x more than that now. Even though we are not perfect people, I know that we are perfect for each other.

happy One-Year to us!


Jewelz said...

shelby i nominated you for the liebster blog award! head over to my blog to check out the details! miss and love you girl

Amanda Schroeder said...

Aww. Happy 1 year! Your dress was stunning.

Also, It's killing me. You look SO FREAKIN familiar but I can't figure it out. Did you happen to go to Alta High or Utah State University? Maybe you're from Idaho Falls and know my husband? I don't know. It's just killin me. haha!!