Saturday, April 20, 2013

oh, sweet home

The other day, my lovely and talented friend Jennika Rae asked me to model for some photos she needed to take for her photography class (below are a few from the series that she is doing)...

and so, because she was conveniently at our house, and obviously very qualified, I ran inside when she was done and told Cam to hurry and come outside.

This was his initial reaction to spontaneous picture taking.....

but then he realized that I wouldn't let him leave without getting a few good ones.
And we got a few! Here are my two favorites.
  So although these weren't planned, I still love them and am so happy that Jennika was willing to take a few spur of the moment "family photos" for us! We finally—after almost 10 months— have a first photo in front of our first apartment!


Courtney Kearns said...

your first apartment is adorable! as are you two.

ShaLyse Walker said...

Cuties! I love that pic Jennika took of you with the other girls in the art museum. You look AMAZING.