Monday, October 17, 2011

The big 2-3.

K So. 
Someone I know is turning 23 in about 30 minutes. 
And this someone happens to be very special to me. 

Something else that is very special to me is, of course, birthdays. 
Unfortunately, with the miles in between us + school + science... I can't be in two places at once.

One thing I can do though, is send a very special Happy happy Birthday to this cute boy in every way possible to compensate for not actually being there. 

Happy Birthday Cam Danger Stephens!!

and remember:
23 is not that old.
let your euromullet hair down and do somethin crazy.
don't forget those 23 spankins and a pinch to grown an inch.
i love bicycles..

and you! 


Morgan said...

Oh. My. Heck.
Cutest thing ever.

Scott Skinner said...

i shed a tear reading this shelbs :)

ashley in wonderland said...

this is too cute!

Megan and Tyson McMurdie said...

you are getting married!

shelby mae said...

oh I never check comments, i love you all!

Meg... back off! hahahah

Cameron Stephens said...

I don't mean to brag or anything... but my girlfriend is better than everyone else's girlfriend... just sayin'.