Monday, December 6, 2010

5 things to be extremely happy about this week.

Here are a few things I picked off of my happy list this week. enjoy.

making a successful batch of sugar cookies and watching them be gobbled away! They were seriously delicious.

skyping to "do an assignment" (but really.. just to have fun)

My tinsel Christmas Tree 

Snow over Christmas Lights.... just thinking about it makes me happy!

New friends coming together over old friends!! For the looooove of Brittany

Cinnamon scented Glitter Pinecones & homemade snowflakes

I watched a grand total of 7 movies this weekend.
How? Welp, there were some late late nights.
In order..
1. House Bunny
2. The Duchess
3. The Family Stone
4. Girl, Interrupted
5. Young Victoria
6. Pride & Prejudice
7. Elf

Don't judge.


marissa89 said...

I have watched elf 5 times this month. Yes, today is the 6th.

Coco said...

your Christmas decorations look like theyre from a magazine. seriously love it