Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm just stretching out my stomach.

I've been hearing a lot of talk about people "stretching out their stomachs" to prepare for the intake of turkey at Thanksgiving dinner.
 I, personally, would rather stretch my stomach out for something more like mashed potatoes, or stuffing. To be honest.. I actually barely eat any turkey on Thanksgiving day.
However, for the last couple of years I have done the no-breakfast-so-I-can-save-room-for-dinner thing and that backfires on me because everyone knows that just shrinks your stomach. DUHHH! (you knew that, right??) What is the point of this whole post you ask? I'll tell you.
Tonight I was hanging out with my bathroommate Jess and my good friend Spencer. We were pretty bored and Spenc was hungry so we went on a McDonalds run. I was not really hungry but I thought hmm, I could go for some fries..but then I thought but wait, chicken nuggets sound good too. 
So, naturally I decided on a kids meal. Jess and Spenc wanted kids meals too but we all noticed that a kids meal was around 4 dollars and Spencer suggested a better option.
50 chicken nuggets = $10
I was originally content with the plain old 4-piece chicken nugget but Spenc was convinced this was a better plan and it actually was cheaper so we went with it plus I got a $1 fry for all of us to share because I'm nice like that. (Pretty sure McDonalds and everyone behind us in the drive through hated us.)  
When we got the nugs, they were all divided into ten per box. We each took a box and just started eating. No pressure. Spencer would willingly take the leftovers. However, as we kept eating it started turning into more and more of a goal to finish all 50. 
Chicken nugget count
Me - 16
Jess - 14
Spencer - 20
Mission Accomplished.

Thanksgiving dinner should be a breeze.


ShaLyse Walker said...

shelby mae said...

McNuggets are not made with that stuff shalyse! didn't you read the article! but still.. that is SICK!

madeline said...

haha. haha. haha. haha.