Thursday, May 6, 2010


Even though I should be studying for this right now:

I had to take a little break to share about my previous final today.
Yes.. that lovely final would be for Western Art History: Prehistoric to Medieval
(try not to be jealous)
Here's how it went.
We (Jennika & I, and the whole class of course) were given a list of 80 art pieces, their date, medium, place of origin... lalalala
and about 50 art vocabulary words.

We looked up aaaall of the art pieces on google and printed them out on to little notecards.
Then, we slowly drilled them into our brains one by one---not too bad when your reviewing but still, it is monotonous.

Hours had been spent studying for this little gem and Jennika & I felt really confident for the test.
Go ahead, Ask me the year the the Parthenon, Temple of Hera or San-Ettiene cathedral was built. I will tell you!

Needless to say, we were a bit TOO confident.

Trying to answer all of the questions on one piece of art when the dumb picture slides are moving way too quickly is the equivalent of running.. no, sprinting 3 miles for my heart.
I especially loved answering questions about art pieces that weren't on the list ( like I had time to study them in the midst of memorizing everything else)
I am always behind in that class, and I am very bitter that I walked in feeling like gold and out feeling like I just got beat up behind taco bell.

Conclusion: My Art History final Murdered me. I'm pretty sure I will not be happy about my grade.

I'm a terrible writer, I know. And I think that story was all jumbled up just like my brain is at this moment.
Just had to get my frustration out of my system



SamyoD said...

haha I love your tag for this post..."not my proudest moment".

I HATE tests where you feel like the teacher is out to get you and this is exactly what this final sounded like.

I'd like to hear more about the San-Ettiene cathedral... ;)

Kevin Erik White said...