Thursday, April 29, 2010

So Long.

The time has come.
The end of my freshman year.
One more day and I am off to West Yellowstone for Playmill.
It feels so bittersweet to have all these new friends and then suddenly just leave them
This summer will be filled with all sorts of new adventures
and when I return to Utah State University in the Fall I will no longer be the baby.

10 things I will miss most (In no particular order)
1. Bullen Hall, aka, the True Aggie Motel (because it looks that ghetto from the outside)

2. Roommates! (okay when I say roommates, I mean Gwen, what would I have done without her in 211!)

3. Sad to say it but.. mealplans & the delicious Grilled Cheese from the Marketplace.
4. Being able to roll out of bed and literallly be at class 5 minutes later- the beauty of on campus housing.
5. Spencer and Drew (& his cat obsession)

6. My drawing class. I'm having some serious withdrawls, not necessarily even because I miss the drawing. Mainly the social aspect!haha
7. Jennika (will be missed just for the summer)

8. Tandem bike rides, walks, etc. around campus in the wee hours of the night.
9. Being able to go to one dorm to see literally Everyone. I don't love sophomore separation when everyone grows up and goes on missions or moves into houses (myself included)
10. Older boys creeping on me just because I'm new here. Especially at True Aggie Night.. Okay, This will NOT be missed. I can do without the creepers.
10 1/2. Just being a newsie.

So long freshman year, You will be missed.

(Spencer Lee is not included in the creepers category. he's one of our best friends and I'm sad to say I'll be missing his wedding this summer!)

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SamyoD said...

Ohhhh number fourrrrrrr. I remember when it was hard to get to class when I lived in the LLC....then I moved to oakridge.