Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Let me start this post by giving you a little bit of background info. Cam, my husband/boyfriend's, mom and dad both come from a long line of Louisianians (that's probably not the right term but just go with it). Like really long. He is a direct descendant of Jefferson Davis. Yes, the Jefferson Davis. Anyways, he grew up there until about 7th grade and then they moved to Utah. So, because my family is all pretty much in the Utah/Idaho area, he met my family & entire extended family in about the first month that we started dating. I hadn't even met some of his siblings until our wedding day.

Back to the point.. we made a last minute decision to join his parents and brother to go to Louisiana. I was beyond excited because I had never been to the deep south and I had never met any of Cam's extended family. We basically went from the tip-top of the state to the most southern part that you can get to so I got a condensed state tour.

^team Gingerale

We flew into New Orleans and took a 5 hour drive up to Bossier City, LA which is where Cam's family lives. I loved going to the places that his parents had grown up going to and seeing the city through their eyes.

^Strawns, a local favorite

Here are a few fun facts about Natchitoches
1. Natchitoches is where Steel Magnolias "Drink ya juice Shelby!"was filmed
2. It was also the original capitol of Louisiana
3. If you look up there^^ at that amazing house, that is where Cam's grandpa was born and the surrounding streets are named after his ancestors.
4. It is the most charming place in the world..

..alright that last one is not an exact fact but I dare say that it was my favorite  part of our tour.
Also, if you are ever in Natchitoches and you don't get a meat pie at Lasyone's, you are missing out!

^Louisiana is also home of the Red Neck Rest Area.

See that blue dot in the middle of the Ocean ^^? That's where spent the weekend with Cam's brother's family at their camp house in Grand Isle... which I think I'll save for a louisiana part two so that you don't get pictured out!

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ShaLyse Walker said...

I wanted to go to Natchdf9wiaudhfaisdfh3924782938)$(*#@)%* (however you say that town) even before I knew Cam's fam was from there bc of my OBSESSION with SHAYLBEE, DRINK YA JUICE! (favorite movie, ever.) You should go back for that Christmas festival they have there. How fun would that be!? Also, that house where Cam's grandpy was bornded it maybe the most amazing southern house I've ever seen. So cool.

McKenzie Romrell said...

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