Sunday, October 7, 2012

They're here! Wedding pictures!

About a week ago our wedding photos came in the mail! 
We had the lovely Jordyn Blair capture our two days of celebration and she
did so great! I could not have chosen anyone better to take these. 
There were so many to choose from and, to be honest, I've probably already looked
at these a million times but I finally narrowed them down for the blog!

Now, prepare yourself for lots and lots of photos!

For our luncheon, I didn't want to get my dress dirty so I had one made based off of one I found on Pinterest and I think I probably could have worn it as my actual wedding dress. I LOVED it.  The seamstress was the magic.

We had an open house in N. Ogden at Cam's house the night of our wedding and it was just so relaxed and perfect after a long day of picture-taking and emotions!

The next day we drove to Idaho for the reception and man, it was quite the day!
Not only did I break Cam's car by driving 90 mph in 3rd gear but we were 30 minutes late for our own reception! {Good thing we were already married...} 
Regardless, it was the biggest party and the weather was perfect. 
It couldn't have been more fun! Someday we'll laugh about the broken down car...  someday... haha

 These were two days of wild, crazy, busy, romantic, lovely, wedded bliss!
We are so happy!

Photos by Jordyn Blair
Flowers by Lemon Blossom Designs
Announcement by Me


Skyler Martinez said...

You two look fantastic! Congratulations on a beautiful wedding!

busy bee lauren said...

You guys are so beautiful, I can't get over it.

Lauren jonczak said...

These pictures are amazing. I love looking at Wedding Photography. The pictures always turn out so nice. Her dress is beautiful! Congratulations to the bride and groom!

Cristian Grimm said...

Your wedding looks amazing! I think your photographer really did a great job. Every photo captured looks lovely and creative at the same time. I personally like the photo concepts, especially the last one showing you guys together with the great background of the church!