Wednesday, February 2, 2011


In 26 hours I will be forced to let go of a few adjectives that I often use to describe myself such as
teeny bopper,
jo-bro lover,
immature k maybe that's going too far..

I have figured out that I can equally compare my birthday to Christmas
except it's even better because it's all about me.
You may think this sounds selfish but I'm just happy to be alive
and I'm sure I'm not the only one
who is happy that I am alive.

This week I have been overly stressed out about school.
ridiculously stressed.
Needless to say, my birthday could not come sooner.
I am using it as an excuse to do absolutely nothing
except go to class because that is what a semi-responsible, non-teenybopper person would do.

Anywho, tonight after a really long long day
(one to nine at school. boo.)
I got to hang out with my best friend 
and as I was taking her home the topic of my birthday came up..
(I actually didn't bring it up... I mean, I always think about it but I have to fully restrain myself from always talking about it.)
and she was really sad that I was leaving her behind to deal with her teenage angst all by herself
because you see, she has all the way to July to deal with that.
This brought up the sensitive topic of being the Youngest Old one in Primary
(you know what I'm talkin about)
and everyone leaving you behind and staring at you in the congregation while you're the
 tall, awkward, old one
 who was forced to sing in the primary program
all. by. yourself.

I'm just glad I'm the one in the congregation.
correction: almost the one....


Jennika Rae said...

hahahhahahahh love this post!!!i think i love your bday more then mine hahah

Jennika Rae said...
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