Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fridays. Friends. Food. Fun!

Last night I just turned my camera on only to find that 
90% of the photos I have taken in the last couple of weeks 
are of me eating! 
Apparently I love ice cream and i love taking pictures of me eating it!
Tyson. Me. Logan
at Sammy's in Rexburg digging into our pie shakes! 
(K well Logan is Digging into MY pie shake because it was just way too much to handle...
 as you can clearly see, I devoured mine!)
awww I have the cutest Friends!
Me and Neezy grabbing some late night Orange Leaf. 
Unlike my shake.. I ate all of this and more.
I could eat this all day people. 
I dare say it's better than Yogurtland 
ha. and i L-O-V-E that place.
Friday Night.
Charlie's date with 5 of my favorite people.
Here come the couple shots...
oh..... uh awkward.

hahaha why am I so funny??
First of all, Who is Giselle in the Center??! What a babe!

I love that Madi and Kev are on opposite sides just to even things out! 

And this last one is for Madi.
Mads, try not to stare for too long!

I love love love these people. I could stare at these pictures all day!
I love fridays.
I love friends.
& I love food. 
Particularly Ice Cream :)

1 comment:

Madeline said...

i love single shots.
especially when eating is involved.
and i love you.