Friday, December 10, 2010

It's never too late.. learn how to do something that you've always wanted to do.
I will now share a story with you about my childhood.
When I was in 3rd and 4th grade I took a gymnastics class right before my dance class and we learned the basics..
cartwheels, bridges, handstands, la la la.. but there was one thing that I worked on for those two years that I desperately wanted to do but as a semi-chubster child could not do. A back walkover. I just couldn't get my little legs over my big head!
After my failure of efforts, I figured I wasn't much of a gymnast and quit.

10 years later
This semester I decided to take chances and jump back into the gymnastics scene... you know, relive my younger days. This course wasn't about back walkovers though. The ENTIRE semester was dedicated to the round-off back handspring. I've always coveted those gymnasts who just flip and twist and do all sorts of things in the air making it look effortless. I can do a back handspring on the tramp but I have never been able to do it on the ground nevertheless connected to a round-off! 

The process of learning was truly hilarious. Me, Jordan, Jennika, Morgan, Ben, and Trent 

went through the painfully slow (yet necessary) process of learning consisting of carry-throughs [basically staying stiff as a board while two people carry you through an entire back handspring to get the feel of it] << this is NOT easy when it's 2 little girls carrying a 200 lbs. man.
Back to the point. Throughout the entire semester I witnessed
2 broken ankles
1 landing-on-the-neck-feeling-slightly-paralyzed (experienced by me)
1 dislocated elbow
& one carpet burned forehead (sorry Trent.. had to put it in there!)

Today was our last day and although I still have to have a spotter..(he was a wonderful spotter BTW, I trusted him with my life) I am very proud to present this.
Please Watch.


Coco said...

I am seriously so impressed. YOU LOOK LIKE A PRO!
I cant even do a cartwheel. Im not kidding. I never learned. Im so far away from the ground I cant even consider switching the way my body is facing the ground.
this is so so cool. and seriously inspirational. its never too late!

Tonya Lyn said...

I am truthfully so proud of you...I thought you were able to do back hand springs because of your cheerleading skills in ninth grade...but congrats none the less :) I MISS YOU SHELBY!

ShaLyse Walker said...

woah shelbs! That was GOOD! I'm so impressed!!!! you are the most determined person i know!

marissa89 said...

Shelbs! That was beautiful, and i'm oh so proud! That's coming from a childhood gymnast as well ;)

trent said...

baaha. this post was perfect!!! thanks for including the bit about my rug-burnt forehead... HAHA

katie said...

Yay! Shelby that was soo good. you didnt need a spotter, it was all in your head. (he didnt even do anything)! Performance at christmas time, please!