Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The many nicknames I have been given throughout my life.... 
they started out making a little bit of sense 
but over the last few years they have evolved quite strangely.

I thought it might be fun to list a few or what I can remember of what people have enjoyed calling me......

this on has stuck with me since my bus driver in Chile would kindly wake me up  from my daily nap  on the hour long bus ride home from school yelling "Chobyyyy wake uuup!" It has been showing up even more lately too since my spanish teacher, Sr. Romero, can't really pronounce my name. 

one of ShaLyse and Jenna's creations


orginated from AY-BAY-BAY



7.Oister Bee-
my weird student teacher in 6th grade thought this was funny... not really

another substitute teacher except this time it was in 3rd grade. These were the days when Sal would stick my hair in a high pony with a cute matching scrunchy... he obviously didn't think it was cute, or at least I didn't think the nickname PO after the teletubby was my favorite...

from Mom

I rather like this one, it's actually the reason why i made my banner a cupcake because it's sugar and spice and EVERYTHING nice which.. of course describes me to a T. haha

KP and I enjoy this nickname for me for several reasons which i don't know if i should write since those WITH the name might be offended but let's just relate it to the name Misty.. or Crystle.

12.Gula Gula
Scientific name for a wolverine. Don't even ask me why Jenna & ShaLyse think this is so funny... 

"Oh my gosh, Dona!"

The children like to call me this and I'm not gonna lie, i'm glad they don't call me Sharpay!

and the latest one Jenna enjoys calling me

15.Polly Pocket


ShaLyse Walker said...

Gula Gula!!! I forgot about that one little Cholvalyn-Julia!!!!!! Gula Gula is no doubt my favorite? How could I ever have stopped calling you that. I'm starting again right now. Good Night you little Gula Gula!

Ali Walker said...

What about Sheiby? off of your blocks on your shelf :)

Shelby Mae said...

hahah i would consider that more of a mistake than a nickname...

Anonymous said...

Just popping in to say nice site.